Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nazi Superscience

 Robots Movie

 Robot Image


I found this robot from the movie Robots in the spares box.  Since I am working on WWII German super science right now, it seemed a natural.  Naturally, it's classified as a vehicle and so gets a German Army license plate.  I sanded off the Made in China raised letters and put this decal in their place.

 The side of the helmet gets an Army 1/35th scale side of the helmet decal from a Tamiya set.

 The national symbol goes on the other side of the helmet.

 The Baltic Cross goes on the "chest."

 The original model was painted in turquoise blue and I overpainted it with flat black primer.

Then I drybrushed a bit of bronze followed by a heavy drybrush copper.  I suspected in real life such a machine would be painted like a vehicle, but this one represents a prototype for testing only.  The figure is a 1/76th scale German officer from Fujimi.

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