Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Flower Class Corvette kit from Revell in 1/72nd scale is a great kit. It fits together well and it lends itself to conversion.

I built this corvette as a merchant ship. My other one I built as a US Navy version of the corvette.

While the corvette is a tiny ship, it is huge compared to the Revell Type VIIC U-Boat.


Karcuss said...

I wouldn't say small, the U-boat either. How many flower class did you get or only the two?.

Thinking May be good for my Pulp Gaming as Tramp steamer, Out of Hong Kong bound for Deepest darkest Peru (28mm gaming) .
As there is company called MINIMI who do some small ships and some Vechiles
in 20mm a lot of German 250s (1 and 9s) and others.
And all i need is $20 (and more) a pop every week or so to grab some vechiles and a few 28mm figures to build up as i have said before a Multi use Wargame (ie US Paras can be used in Sci Fi to the mid 50s)

So a tramp steamer even the Flower class a s a Gunboat, and the Sphinx
The pyramids or just one, The eiffel tower, The Houses of Parliment with Big Ben i can do Jack the ripper, Riley Ace of spies, Dr. Who.
Hang on maybe i will stick to some Flower class and some U-boats first



Bunkermeister said...

I have three Flower Class Corvettes. One as US, one as a merchant ship, and one unbuilt that I am building as a German version.