Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Sea Patrol

A small merchant ship making a coastal run.
The Type VIIC U-Boat moves in on the surface. U-Boats are much faster on the surface than underwater.

The U-Boat closes to insure a hit. Torpedoes are very expensive and they only carry a few. The U-Boat can't afford a miss.

The U-Boat has to aim ahead of the merchant ship to take the speed of the ship into account.

Sometimes U-Boats surfaced and attacked with the deck gun to conserve torpedoes.
The ship is the Revell Flower Class Corvette in 1/72nd scale, converted to a waterline model and merchant ship. The submarine is also from Revell in 1/72nd scale.


David said...

Magnificent models and great to see they get a good working out on the 'green' ocean!

Bob G. said...

That "brown" on the backyard ocean wouldn't be an OIL SPILL...would it?
(just askin')

Nice finish to that Mark VII, btw.