Saturday, May 1, 2010

Type VII C Waterline

Odemars German Commanders in blue for KM visit the shipyard. They are inspecting the new Revell Type VIIC U-Boat kit that I am working on. I have cut the model to a waterline kit and have already glued on the the plastic base.

Upside down the kit looks like a strange aircraft carrier with the totally flat bottom.

The kit without the conning tower. Many early subs did not have conning towers, only when the periscope became common place did they all realize the need for a conning tower.

Another upside down view of the hull. There was much sanding and filing and cutting to get the edge just right.

Work on the conning tower. The model has almost no moving parts but they did make the periscopes so they could be put at one of several levels. Naturally, by waterlining the kit that feature was destroyed, I had to cut the bottom off of the periscopes because they reached too far down into the now cut off hull.


OldNoob said...

I really like the idea of a waterline model. I found a lot of help for my VIIc build from the fellas at the AMP forum Accurate Model Parts.

Mike Creek said...

Thanks for reading OldNoob.