Saturday, May 29, 2010

PHM Crusader

Paul Heiser Models has released a large number of new tank models. Here is their latest WWII Japanese tank models. Japanese tanks have been scarce in HO but PHM is working on fixing that problem.

Paul is also doing HO scale wagons, this WWII German wagon was very modern and all steel.

They were towed by horses or by vehicle. These wagons were great on roads, not so good cross country.

British Crusader tank. PHM is doing several versions of this important British tank.

These models are perfect for experienced modellers with limited resin model experience. They are easy to assemble for a resin kit. Super glues or Epoxy are both good glues for these kits. PHM are normally flash free and sturdy enough for wargaming. Check out Fidelis Models for these kits.

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