Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Links and Followers and Pegasus

Vintage Wargaming
The Hinton Hunter
The Lone S Ranger
The Old Metal Detector

I have added a bunch of links to Bunker Talk. Most are wargame related and some are about collectible metal figures. They are all interesting and while I don't want you to miss out on spending quality time here at Bunker Talk, there is a lot of good hobby stuff here on the web.

Bunker Talk is also up to 50 followers. So let all your friends know about this blog so we can get that number up to 100. It has taken two years to get to fifty, I hope we can get that up to 100 much faster.

I have some Pegasus Hobbies news. Larry Pegasus tells me that both the World War One French and World War Two French are done!! They are waiting for the boxes, and then they will be shipped. Look for them in stores in a couple months. They had a terrible time getting the figures just right. Most of the figures have separate arms and weapons. There are two WWII Russian figure sets also in the pipeline from Pegasus.

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