Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Lawgiver

The Gorilla General, his Sergeant and one of his Soldiers pose for photos after the human hunt.

With the statue of the Great Lawgiver in the distance, the Gorilla Army Apes pose for pictures.

A female Gorilla and female Chimpanzee visit the soldiers.

Gorilla Soldiers are always popular with the females.

The Gorilla Female is a Hasbro Zira that has had the head replaced with the head from a Hasbro Gorilla Soldier. The hands have been repainted dark brown and smoke. The boots are from the Hasbro Zira and are the same color as those on the Hasbro Gorilla Soldier figure. The Zira green clothing has been re-dyed in Rit Wine dye, including the vinyl parts. These figures are all over ten years old and are in 1/6th scale, the same size as GI Joe. Great Lawgiver from Medicom and is a bit smaller.


Bob G. said...

These figures are a lot better than the original movie figures...I think they were made by MEGO (?).

I remember bulding a plastic model of Cornelius...still have it (probably in pieces) somewhere.

Painted up really well.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, Mego, Medicom, Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, MPC, Aurora, and Hasbro amoung others all made various scale Planet of the Apes figures.

No one ever made 1/72nd sized POTA figures, now that I could really get into!