Thursday, May 27, 2010

Side Wheeler

Lindberg made a kit of an American paddle wheel steamer from the mid - 1800's. They built it about 1/120 scale. I am going to convert it to a World War Two era German boat. My friend Randy from Fidelis Models purchased the model, used and assembled, a couple years ago. It has been bouncing around my garage for all that time. These are some of the bits I removed from the model.

I tore off all the cotton bales, and tanned hides and most of the upper superstructure. The kit was so old that the plastic was a bit brittle. I am updating the ship by 100 years, changing it from American to German and increasing the size from 1/120 to HO scale.

At one point, the kit was pretty well done. The model had rigging and lots of other details. I had to remove most of them, and the previous owner used big globs of glue.

Once the upper works are removed it has a very smooth clean line. I am planning on plating over the upper deck with new sheet plastic to give a deck surface similar to the lower deck.

The ship model looks much like an old derelict ship, docked in a backwater harbor someplace. Removing the upper works took a long time, then the residues had to be scrapped off. This is going to be a long term project.


Bob G. said...

God bless 'ya for having the TIME, the resources, and the $$$ to be able to bring all of these really cool things to life for an old model builder like me.

You find some fantastic things out there.

Keep those hits coming!

Bunkermeister said...

I buy models and supplies and stockpile them when I have money. When I have time I build them because I have the supplies built up.

Thanks Bob G.