Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Kind of Vegetation is That?

Ambush Fire

Ambush Fire occurs when the firer is concealed, and did not move or fire during the previous turn and did not move or take Challenge Fire during the current turn. The maximum range of Ambush Fire is 1250m. Ambush Fire reveals a 250m wide area centered on the firer, for infantry and a 1250m wide area centered on the firer for AT guns, and ATGM. All forces within that area are revealed. ATGMs firing in AMBUSH hit immediately, if range is less than 1250m.

Casualties of Ambush Fire are removed immediately, prior to return fire taking place. Targets that are not destroyed by Ambush Fire may conduct return fire at the ambusher. Since the return fire is at a target that was concealed the return fire is 10% lower than normal. After the return fire takes place, surviving members of the ambush party may immediately retreat, up to 50m away from the enemy, except through impassable terrain.


Jim. said...

I don't think a single, trained sniper would necessarily give himself away by firing a single shot as your rules describe. Look at Dealy Plaza. No one is still sure what happened there.

Bunkermeister said...

I suppose that's why the Ambush rule does not apply to a single trained sniper...

We have the sniper rule which is a subset of the Ambush Rules.