Saturday, January 30, 2010

Challenge Fire

Challenge Fire

Challenge fire is taken when a target moves from one concealed position to another. The firer must be stationary for one or more turns, in order to take challenge fire. The fire is taken 10% lower than normal. The target may fire back, even if he is destroyed, but must reduce his chance to hit by 20%. If the target did not have its weapon facing the firer, then he may not fire. If a unit takes challenge fire it may not fire until next turn.

Challenge Fire is designed to fire at a specific location, such as a gap in dragons’ teeth or down a street at traffic passing though an intersection. The firer must not move, or even turn his turret, for one or more turns. If the first tank coming through the gap in the dragons’ teeth is destroyed, then the rest of the column must stop.


The Belgian, said...

Do you use all these rules in your wargames?

They look a bit complicated but so realistic!


Bunkermeister said...

Not every game uses all the rules. Some are more "optional" than others. Medical and supply rules, and even morale are often left off.

Challenge fire is a good one and we always use it.