Friday, January 29, 2010

Wargame Rules Movement

One player from each side must roll one six sided die at the start of the movement phase. The player with the highest number will move first during the movement phase for that turn. A die roll will be made in this way for each turn.

Players may move all items but may not change their movement after they take their hand off of the vehicle or soldier. Movement may not be saved for use in later turns. The side that moves first designates the firing second. The side that moves second designates fire first.

Infantrymen crawl 10m, walk 50m and run 100m per turn. Horses walk 50m, trot 100m and run 250m. Dogs crawl 10m, walk 50m and run 250m. Pronghorn run 1000m, cheetah runs 1250m.

Vehicles move at a rate of one inch for every two miles per hour plus three inches. A real tank with a speed of 30 mph would move 18 inches per turn. This movement rate applies to all types of vehicles including aircraft and ships.

Vehicles that move should have a small puff of cotton placed at the rear of the vehicle to indicate that it moved. Vehicles that moved cross-country on dry soil shall have a big puff of brown cotton placed behind them to simulate the dust cloud raised by the vehicle.

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