Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dave from Plastic Soldier Review - Home has done a review of the new Revell WWII German Air Force set. He reviews nearly every set of 1/72nd scale plastic figures that is released. Most of them released in the history of time have been reviewed by him at one time or another.

Dave has a tremendous knowledge of history, uniforms and equipment. He often makes comments about the belt buckles, buttons, cuff laces and other tiny detail bits that I would seldom notice. I almost never buy a set of figures without seeing them on PSR first.

Check out PSR and surf around. If you like soft plastic figure, you will love this site. I know I do!


GEM Team said...

I know what you mean. The PSR is a must for every gammer or model builder in small scale.

Been a fan for years

Bunkermeister said...

And Dave is a nice guy too.