Tuesday, January 19, 2010


More of my 1950's Cold War US Army. It includes 8 inch and 155 mm self propelled armored guns. Naturally, the mainstay is the M-47 series Roco tanks. Note the tank commanders popping up from the hatch. My battalion command vehicles are designated by the presence of a tank commander.

The corner here has a couple Nike anti-aircraft or anti-missile rockets.

I have a few M59 Roskopf armored personnel carriers. This was in use before the M113 and looks very similar. I am always on the lookout for a few more of these long out of production vehicles. The little green plastic box is my spares box for this storage box. I try and put a tiny box in each large box in case a machine gun or other bit falls off in storage or in play.

I had an old Roco AVLB on the M48 chassis and I backdated it onto an M47 chassis. Call it a prototype to test the theory.

I got an M47 from some Japanese company decades ago that had a terrible turret, so I used the hull to make this AVLB.

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