Monday, January 11, 2010

Eastern Front Combat

The real title of this book should be Wargame Scenarios for Late War Eastern Front Gamers. This book as 12 chapters and at least 11 of them are perfect wargames. Twilight of the Gods, A Swedish Waffen-SS Volunteers's Experiences with the 11th SS-Panzergrenadier Division 'Nordland", Easter Front 1944-45 by Thorolf Hillbald, published by Helion, West Midlands, England, 2004, first published 1945.

ISBN 978-1-874622-16-1
The author was a corporal in the SS from Sweden. He was in charge of a mortar platoon of armored halftracks. At every turn they face overwhelming odds and are forced to retreat. They have a number of adventures and as the fall back they end up in Berlin for the end. The Swede manages to escape a short Russian capture and make his way home at the end.
Highly recommended.


Vulture said...

Sounds excellent, I must get myself a copy

Bunkermeister said...

It is an easy read and has some really interesting stories.