Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game Scale


These rules are designed for one model figure to represent one real soldier. This one to one ratio is used for all equipment, land, sea and air. One player can easily control 50 troops and five tanks. Experienced players can control many more. Game size is limited only by space, time and the quantity of materials available.

These rules are written for Minitank size models, 1/87 to 1/72 scales. To compensate for the distortion caused by figures that are larger than the ground scale, the ground scale is expanded at short ranges and contracted at long ranges. The ground scale at short range is one inch equals ten meters for the first ten inches, or 100 meters. Each of the next five inches equals 30 meters apiece, up to 250 meters. After 250 meters the ground scale is 1 inch equals 50 meters.

Range in meters Actual inches
10 - 1” 50 - 5” 100 - 10” 250 - 15” 500 - 20” 750 - 25” 1000 - 30” 1250 - 35”
1500 - 40" 1750 - 45"

Distances are written in meters. Yards and meters are averaged together and used inter-changeably. A distance shown in meters should be converted to the scale shown on the measurement table. Distances shown in inches are real world inches.

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