Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Bunkermeister Collection is stored primarily in underbed storage boxes, each with a little white 3 x 5 card at the end showing the contents.

Inside you will find a vast array of M-38 Jeeps and a few tents. While most are Roco, a few are from other companies. Some of these are over 40 years old. Some are nearly new. Well, maybe five years old.

Some of these need work, but many have been highly modified. The Roco Machine Gun set has been very useful here, those .30 caliber air cooled being very good here, but some of the .30 caliber water cooled also make an appearance.

The US Infantry Battalion had loads of Jeeps, for HQ, supply, anti-tank, mortars, machine gun carriers, and scouting.

The Roco M-38 Jeep when purchased used often is missing parts. The windshield and the back seat are two of the most frequently missing items. Sometimes I mount a machine gun and use one of the Jeeps without a back seat. A bit of sheet styrene to make a smooth floor and I am done. The absence of a back seat can be explained by making more room for the machine gunner.


Karcuss said...

They look good
And so many as usual
a real motorpool

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Karcuss, I have always liked the big battalions.

Karcuss said...

your not joking
I'm more interested in German recce units and Panzergrenadiers in mass than tigers etc

And also i did have a lot of Vietnam stuff as in Roco years back
I think i put the shots on 1/87 group
and they are on my Blog, Anyhow started up a few M113 and M60 (ESCI) as well as about 10 each of Bradleys and Abrams, and Strykers just collecting my 1/72 kits if i could get Italeri to do the Vulcan and Hammerhead i could do a Nato 1980s force. (again)

Bunkermeister said...

Be careful what you wish for. I have a few halftracks and armored cars in the collection. Maybe a few photos in weeks to come.