Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Role Playing

Role Playing Game

Each player selects a figure to represent him on the Wargame table. This figure cannot be killed, all results that would have resulted in death are litter case injury. Hits that results in a “litter case” injury are walking wounded, and walking wounded results in a minor flesh would that does not stop them. The player figure is always considered at three levels of elite against any other opponent, and therefore gets first shot at enemies and takes return fire only from survivors.

One way to make a wargame more interesting is to introduce a personalized element to the game. As the commander of your side, you will want your figure to be at the main headquarters for your side. Just having a figure on the table that represents you, even if he is in the back and safe someplace will cause the player to be more careful.

Having your own figure on the board at the WWII era corps headquarters is a pretty safe to be located. Having your figure as the leader of a squad of twelve men on patrol places you at much greater risk. Players who have their figure killed could be out of the game or at least out until the medics can make them all better.

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