Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Intell Update

Recently I was talking with Paul from Paul Heiser Models. He was showing me his two new WWII British Crusader model tanks in HO scale resin. They are just now making their way into production. They are very nice models with a zillion little rivets on them. I was with Randy from Fidelis Models when he picked up a few from Paul. I don't do British, but if I did, I would be getting some of these.

When I was with Randy of Fidelis Models he purchases a boatload of new and old items from his suppliers. He got about 50 different Arsenel-M kits. They make high quality resin kits in Europe. They are WWII and modern HO scale models. Many have etched brass and other super details. They can be difficult to build and fragile, and while I have a few of them, they are for more advanced modellers. They make many models no one else makes. I got my eye on some of the 170mm WWII German guns.

In my last visit with Larry of Pegasus Models he continued to complain about how slow the molds were going for the WWII Soviet Heavy Weapons Winter / Summer kits and the WWI / WWII French sets. They are essentially done and just waiting for the tooling. Most 1/72nd scale soft plastic figure companies don't employ the mold makers. They contract with companies that make other things. So they have to wait in line behind some other company that wants a mold for plastic spoons or something. I suppose this gives me time to stock up on the Soviet Infantry Winter / Summer kits before the heavy weapons arrive.

I also just got the HaT WWI US Artillery with 75mm cannon. It is the famous French 75 that was used by US Army forces from 1917 until at least 1943. So far I got eight of them put together and four more boxes waiting. I have also picked up their WWI French Late War set with the same gun and cassion but French crew. Very nice.


laboratore said...

I like the American Military History, and it´s a pity the poor offers about it.

Do you know something about new series from Pegasus?

I like so much the American Legion and his leader Mad Anthony Wayne

Thanks sir

laboratore said...

Frustration is the fell that full your hope when you watch the promises about new sets from Imex about American Military History.

Hät could be the "white hope" for me, but i think that sets like: Rogers´Rangers, XIX century Marines, Militias, Rhode Island Regiments, US troops in the Seminole Wars, Texian armies, American Legion, 1812 soldiers... could be a good election for the fanatics of this "vice"

Thanks sir

Bunkermeister said...

With the slowing of the economy, several companies have slowed their new figure releases. Several companies have told me they are not selling well.

Bunkermeister said...

HaT is making 15mm and 28mm figures and so spreading their efforts into other areas.

I think we will get many more WWI sets from them and British and other Colonial sets too, but not much else in 1/72nd scale for a while from them.