Friday, June 12, 2009

WWI US Artillery with 75mm Cannon HaT

The most recent HaT set I have purchased is the French 75 gun with US Army WWI crew. This set includes four guns, with limbers and 12 crew members per gun. Six crew are standing and kneeling, and six are riding horses or limbers.

While there are no horses sold with the set, they are supposed to do some soon. I suspect the HaT French Napoleonic Limber set horses would do just fine. These guns were also towed by motor vehicle, but not often until the post war period.

These 1/72nd scale figures are the same size and style as the HaT WWI US Army set. The gun and limber are only a few parts and build up quickly. Use Superglue to build the models, regular model glue does not work on this plastic, but CA works perfectly.

The limber can be constructed in the open serving the gun position or in the closed position. Nicely detailed with a good load of shells inside.

The US Army got large numbers of these guns in WWI and continued to use them, at least as horse artillery into at least 1942. I have seen National Guard units using these guns with rubber tires, and no gun shield at late as 1939. If the US went to war when the Germans invaded France, troops just like this would have taken the field with these guns. A great set, I have three so far, 12 guns and anticipate getting at least three more sets.

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