Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOTW Machines

The Pegasus War of the Worlds Martian War Machine has many potential uses.

Naturally, it would would as a Martian War Machine to fight 1950s era military forces in about 1/48th scale. It is made to that scale, but there is no reason to require that it is that size. It can be used with larger or smaller figures. I certainly will use mine with 1/72nd scale figures. To me, it seems to work well with 1/72nd scale figures because it is thick enough for figures that size to stand up inside.

The Martian War Machine can also be used in a British Colonial setting. The original H.G. Wells book took place around the turn of the 19th to 20th Century. With HaT miniatures bringing out their new Colonial range this will provide us with good figures for this type of battle. I would also eliminate the force field used by the Martians for wargame purposes.

There is also the opportunity to use these War Machines as future Earth war machines. Many companies make various science fiction soldiers in small scales and these would be nice opponents or even support for them.

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