Sunday, June 21, 2009

US Army Figures

Valiant Miniatures US Army WWII soldiers in "1/72nd" scale. I think these are actually much larger than that stated size.

The set has a variety of arms with a bazooka arm, a 60mm mortar shell and a radio handset in the hands.

This is the firing 30 caliber machine gun figure. The gun is very nice and it all fits together very well. Note the fine detail on the boots / leggings.

The set comes with a radio, ammo pouches, back packs, and a 60 mm mortar.

This kneeling guy is probably intended as the #2 for the 30 caliber machine gun, but I built him as a radio operator. A nice figure. Overall the set would be great if the figures were just not so large. If they were the 23 mm tall I would have purchased a ton of them, probably hundreds of figures.

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