Monday, June 15, 2009

Push Button Warfare

We are entering the age of PUSH BUTTON WARFARE. You only need to push a button and an army or enemy city will be destroyed.

The individual soldier with his rifle is an anachronism that has no real place in modern warfare. Why soldiers won't have to do any real fighting any longer.

A single plane flies over a city and WHAM! the enemy capital is destroyed. The only work for the Army will be to move in and keep order among the survivors.

This new ATOMIC AGE is actually an amazing thing really. Wars will last only hours or at most days. A resolution will come quickly as the enemy cities are vaporized under an atomic cloud.

Mark my words, the days of infantrymen slogging through enemy infested jungles, hot deserts, and mountains are over. The Atomic Bomb has ended that type of warfare forever!

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