Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pegasus Soviets

Pegasus recently released their new Soviet WWII Winter Infantry and Soviet WWII Summer Infantry. Now they have released the same figures together in PE, soft plastic. The individual sets have two identical sprues per set. This new set has two different sprues, one of summer and one of winter. These are great 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures, no flash, and all single part figures. 40 figures in the box, lots of poses.

I took these troops out into the yard for a night attack. The Soviets often attacked in the open, in waves. They had limited training and so one of the easiest things to do is line everyone up and run forward towards the enemy.

Soldiers often get lost in the dark. Coordinating an attack at night can be difficult. Often attacks were readied at night and then the troops would launch their attack just as the dawn began to glow red on the horizon.

Anchor the flank with a machine gun and a couple rifles. That gives a base of fire to help keep the heads of the enemy down. It is difficult to fire a bolt action rifle on the run, so having someone who can maintain fire is important.

Noise discipline is important at night because sound travels a long way in the still air. Troops move slowly to the front to get into position before the big attack. Then when the flare bursts, the machine gun opens up and everyone yells Hurrah and charges forward.

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