Sunday, March 5, 2023

At Home

Munster Koach and the Drag-U-La parked at the curb.
The building is the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland by Funko.
It also makes a passable Munster house, I think.
The Munster family.
Hermon, Lily, Eddie, Marilyn, and Grandpa Munster.

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Robert from Norwich said...

This was the last of the blog entries that Bunkermeister had sent, in advance, before he was blocked from this blog in September 2022. However his accompanying photographs were also blocked, and all the previously posted photographs were deleted. He does not know why, and he could not access the blog to reply to comments. Bunkermeister now posts a weekly model blog within the "Fidelis Models" website, and he can be found on Facebook under "Bunker Talk with Bunkermeister". He is also on however he is currently looking for a new blog platform.