Saturday, July 14, 2018

Farm House and Troops

The BMC farmhouse and the BMC infantry work well together.

 I like how the weapons stick out the windows easily, not too high for the low troops and not too low for the tall troops.

There is a second story, sort of a loft inside the model.

There is plenty of room from the troops and they stand up well here.

Rifle out the window, very Hollywood, in reality, keep inside so you are harder for the enemy to see and to hit.

I like the big windows all around.

The pistol shooter fires out the window.

The charging man bayonets out the window.  Not usually an effective tactic.

The BMC accessories fit nicely with this model.

Machine gun on the second floor.  Looks like an episode of Combat!

The farmhouse is pretty big so two machine guns can operate on the second floor.

The space inside is large enough for my big hands to reach in and move the troops around.

I like this model, it also comes in tan.

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