Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sniper Support

Happy Independence Day, America!

The sniper is not alone, his spotter works with him to find the enemy.

Other men bring up ammunition, and food, and water.

You can never be too sure the Reds are not infiltrating the hillside, so other troops are just around the crest.

Standing by in case a lone sniper can't keep the enemy at bay.

Ready to assist their buddy in an attack.

One that can come at any time.


Bob G. said...

In the third picture, the soldier in the foreground w/ the .45 (waving) was named "Jim Palozzo" in that Warriors of the World series.

(that was one that I found a name on)

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

So far I have not been immortalized in a plastic figure.
But my daughter was,she is in the Pegasus Berlin Germans as the kneeling telephone operator.