Friday, July 13, 2018

BMC Farmhouse

BMC sent me this farm house to review, it's 54 / 60mm size.

I have heard in the past that this farmhouse is hard to put together, but they have made changes and I found it went right together, without glue, very easily.

 It's a typical generic farmhouse and would work from about Roman times until two years from now.

It reminds me of the farm house in the movie "To Hell and Back" with Audie Murphy.

The Americans and Germans go back and fourth attacking, seizing, defending, and losing the farmhouse.

German tactics were to counter attack before a proper defense could be prepared.

So it was not unusual for a particular objective to be won and lost and won again, sometimes many times before the US finally captured it for good.

Here is the house with some BMC troops in 60mm for size.

The house had zero flash and goes together well.

It's very sturdy and has good play value.

I won't paint it, but I think it would paint up really well, the walls are nicely textured.

There is no ground floor.  The troops fit the windows well.


banzai55 said...

I used to use my sister's doll house for this purpose when I was a kid; drove her absolutely batshit crazy to find my army guys poking their weapons out the window, and stacking the dollhouse furniture to barricade the doors.....

Wayne W said...

I always stage a Christmas Eve "assault" on my wife's Christmas Village. It's become a yuletide tradition.

Mike Creek said...

No sisters for me, but that sounds like a great idea banzai55!

Mike Creek said...

Wayne W I love that! Thanks for reading.