Tuesday, July 10, 2018


BMC sent me a set of their new Army Camp Equipment to review.

It's made in the USA and it's a re-cast of the old Marx camp accessories from the 1950's.

Given that these molds are as old as me, and in better shape!

You get three pup tents, two stacked rifles, one bazooka, a set of trash cans, and three crew served weapons, all in 54/ 60 mm size.

In camp, or in training, the US Army used to stack their rifles like this so they were off the ground and they were all together for security.

More troops historically died of disease than of wounds in combat, so field sanitation was a must.

The separate bazooka is a great little toy.

It's the 2.5 inch super bazooka, used late World War Two and post war.


Bob G. said...

Those are very good recasts of the MARX items.
Nice acquisition.

Carry on

banzai55 said...

Hah. I had all these back in the early 1970's, except in gray - I expect they were knockoffs. Except I used mine with Airfix soldiers, and HO scale tanks; the tents were about the right size for GP mediums - and formed my field HQ; the light MGs were a proxy for German '88's on the cruciform stand - and I put wheels on the bazooka, and towed them behind halftracks as heavy rocket launchers. The trash cans, of course, served as fuel drums.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, G, I am very impressed.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, banzai55 you are right, this is not the first recast of these. What's different this time is they are readily available and not too expensive.
Very impressive ideas! I may steal the tent idea!