Monday, July 16, 2018

Tim Mee vs BMC DK vs Copy

The figure on the right is the new BMC recast of the old DK copy of the Tim Mee figures original figure.  The figure on the left is another copy of the Tim Mee original from an unknown manufacturer.  See how small the figure on the left appears to the BMC DK figure?  Recasts are the same figures from the same mold and are no different from the original figures.  Copies tend to be smaller, and thinner and have less detail than originals, but that depends in part on how they are made.  Copies are often made to be less expensive and so little time is spent to try and preserve detail and they want the figures to us less plastic, because it's cheaper.

This line up from left to right is the copy, BMC, and Tim Mee original from 40+ years ago.  Note the Tim Mee figure is the largest.

Grenade thrower, Tim Mee, BMC and copy.  Hard to tell in this pose but they get smaller as they go along.

Side by side you can see the Tim Mee original figure is larger than the BMC.  However, note the detail is very good on the BMC figure and he is nice and thick.

 Tim Mee on the left, BMC in the center and copy on the right.  Smaller as they go along.  Still, even these copies are not too bad and the BMC figures are very good.  I think mixing the three works very well and they give a slightly different look to otherwise identical figures.

Minesweepers, Tim Mee, BMC, and copy figure.  There are even a few subtle improvements to the BMC figures that I will show in greater detail.

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