Sunday, July 8, 2018

D-Day Germans from BMC

More Juno Beach figures from BMC in 54mm.  These are the Germans, this guy just got hit!

These two make a rather nice mortar team, no mortar is included.  Still, mortars are easy to find and 81mm mortars all look pretty similar.

Standing rifleman, I don't care for his helmet, or the way he wears it high up on his head, or his rather awkward holding of the rifle.

Wounded guy.

Grenade tossing guy, helmet again looks almost Russian.

Kneeling guy is pretty good, still an odd helmet.

All together they make a pretty good squad.

Machine gun for support and a grenade thrower.  

Some pretty good action poses.

And an officer to supervise.

They make a decent defensive group against the D-Day Canadians.

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Bob G. said...

I agree that the helmets are a bit off, and ride way too high on the heads.
The poses are pretty good, but the weapons details could be better (accurate).

Carry on