Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WWWII German Planes

Four WWWII German aircraft.

The Me109sg for Stargate.

The Germans developed a small stub wing, stub fuselage version of the ME109 fighter.

The plane was designed to be able to fly through the Stargate to give air support for German ground forces.

These aircraft were organized in flights of four planes.

They used standard very late war German markings.


Don M said...

great idea...stargate 1940!

Mike Creek said...

By Stargate SG-1 TV shows we know the Germans worked on the G'oulds and had the DHD in Berlin to be captured by the Soviets. So I am doing Nazi Stargate, Berlin.

Don M said...

It has great potential for games,
and Weird World War II aspects that
can be added to this idea can go
in a host of directions.Does one system lord favor the Nazi one the
Soviets, do the Asgard back the allies, and I forget which one
but there was a deposed system lord
in hiding on earth for centuries.

Mike Creek said...

Asgard back the Germans, but not on Earth. They don't have the same political agenda as the Nazis and don't recognize the danger they pose.

Don M said...

Being the Nordic gods that does make sense, until they find out
what the Nazis are about.

Mike Creek said...

Asgard don't care about Earth politics, they care about interplanetary wars. Being evil at home is not an Asgard problem, I suspect.