Saturday, June 28, 2014

Six Wheel Truck

Here is a new Matchbox truck.

A big six wheel all terrain vehicle.

The colors are goofy but it has a military feel to it.

I got a couple of them, after stripping and repainting I am sure they will look good.

Canopy has an opening in the back.

Take off the canopy and you have tools and gear on the flatbed.


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Hi Mike,
I notice that you like to make use of toys in your war gaming. Mind if I pick your brain for a second? When I was a kid (early 1970s) I owned several brightly colored plastic World War 1 fighter planes. I remember greens and pinks. These were not models, but toys I think my mother & father bought for me in the toy section of the supermarket. So we are talking about stuff equal in quality to TimMee. I think they came assembled, but there may have been something to snap together. I remember Fokker DVII, Niueport, and I think Spad. But I have never seen a trace of these things anywhere. eBay searches and Google searches never turn them up. Do you remember them, or have you ever come across something like that?

Pete. said...

I like that - it brings to mind a Stalwart that has been to the gym... not that there was anything wrong with the original quirky Brit Cold War truck.



Mike Creek said...

Hello G. Thomas, I had some with about a 3 inch wingspan. Came on a card with a plastic cover. Several different planes in soft plastic. I have not had them since about 1975 probably. Don't know who made them. I have seen them sold as party favors even, but not recently.

Mike Creek said...

Hi Pete, it does look like a modern version of that, I had a couple of them from Matchbox too, back when they were still made in England!