Tuesday, June 24, 2014


GI Joe made a twin .40mm gun that was used on all kinds of US Navy ships from just before WWII until the Korean War.

 This is a great toy, you get the gun, two ammunition magazines and one sailor.  The sailor has no shirt and his helmet is white.

It makes a great mounting, line up a few of them for a small bit of a battleship or to staff a cargo ship.

It's nicely detailed and gives a good use for you GI Joe action sailor figures.

 I managed to get three on sale, and have considered converting one to a 3 or 5 inch gun mount.


Bob G. said...

How you managed to find these on sale is amazing.
Have to say they really have some GREAT detail to them.
Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Years ago an Internet toy company called etoys? went out of business and the company liquidating their stock had a store near me. I got them there, at least ten years ago.