Thursday, June 19, 2014

First World War Tanks

I have been doing a study of American tanks in the First World War.  

Tanks that were in production in the USA at the time of the Armistice:
6-ton M1917
Ford 3-ton
Tank that were in service in France with the US Army at the time of the Armistice:
Renault FT
Mark V
Mark V*
Other vehicles that were produced as prototypes or proof of concept, as movie props, recruiting displays or other reasons, during WWI in the USA:
Holt 75 Tank of 1916
Holt Three-Wheeled Steam Tank of 1917
Caterpillar G-9 of 1917
Holt C.L.B. Model 75 Tank of 1917
US Army Corp of Engineers Steam Tank of 1918
Pioneer Skeleton Tank of 1918
US Mark-1 or Ford 3 Man Tank of 1917
Hamilton or Victoria Tank of 1918
Holt H.A. 36 Mosquito Tank
Special 18 or Scat the Kaiser
Which vehicles were proposed and at least committed to paper studies?
150 Ton Field Monitor
200 Ton Trench Destroyer
Automatic Land Cruiser of Automatic Machine Company, 1915
Pliny E Holt's 1917 tank design of Holt-Manufacturing Company
Dummy tank on Holt Tractor with inscription "KAISER COUNT YOUR MEN"
U.S.Navy Dummy on Holt Tractor 1917
Holt Gas-Electric Tank 1917

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