Monday, June 23, 2014


WWII era US Army vehicles, four jeeps and a White Scout Car.

My medical Jeep is from Soldiers of the World.  I have a pretty good GI Joe medical team.

Rat Patrol style Jeep with .30 caliber machine gun.

Two regular Jeeps, one has broken bumpers, and the other is a Military Police Jeep.

A While Scout Car by 21st Century Toys.  This thing is awesome!

The White Scout Car was used by the US Army even in Western Europe.  Many were withdrawn but many units used them as armored cars in place of the M8 or M20 series; particularly Military Police.

Note the careful details on the dashboard, machine guns and interior.  It's a great vehicle.


Tsold9000 said...

Nice M3 scout car. one of my favs. yes it is awesome! a 1/72 fast build would be fine.

Mike Creek said...

I got some Paul Heiser Models one's in HO scale, but this big one is very cool.

Bob G. said...

Those are some fantastic vehicles...and 21st century used to detail the heck out of them.
Carry on

Mike Creek said...

SOTWC had the least expensive most durable vehicles, 21st Century the most play value and Dragon the most authentic.