Thursday, June 26, 2014

P51 Mustang

In WWII American planes sometimes when down in German held territory and had little or no damage.  I am building a P51 Mustang and I am going to do it in German markings.  I got a P51 about 20 years ago for $2 at a kit show.  It was missing a few parts.  Including a set of landing gear.

And the landing gear cover over the other gear.  So into the spares box and out with these blue ones.

It was also missing a horizontal stabilizer, so another one from the spares box.  It was originally a lot bigger but I whittled it down and shaped it to fit the P51.  The panel lines won't match but I can live with that.  Ironically it's from a WWII Stuka kit.  I will just say it was a replacement for the one the flak gunners hit causing the US Army pilot to crash.

The spinner came in three parts but two of them were missing.  So I had to cobble something together with sheet plastic.  Primary work here, I gotta trim it off and file it down.

This is the sheet plastic bit I saved after cutting off the spinner part.  Save everything because one day it will be useful.

Work so far.

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