Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rocket Sled

Titanium Die Cast is making small models based on the Indiana Jones movies. The most recent movie has a scene in it that has Indy fighting a large Russian soldier who is disguised as an American soldier. The two end up on a rocket sled, which naturally blasts off and races away down the track.

The two figures appear to be HO 1/87 scale. The sled and figure are all pre-painted and pre-assembled. In the 1950's rocket sled were used to test the effects of massive acceleration on humans and later to test ejection seats for jets. If you remove the two figures this rocket sled would look great on a diorama at a test facility. I got a couple and will remount the figures on a new separate base. I got mine at Target, but they are probably sold at other toy shops.

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