Tuesday, July 15, 2008

German Troops, Soviet Weapons

Congratulations to Pegasus for winning the 2007 Model of the Year Award from Modell Fan magazine for their 1/72nd scale Germans In Berlin set. This is a great set and the award is well deserved. So, once you have a great set like this, what else can you do with it?

These troops are some of the Germans In Berlin set, but with a difference. I have taken the weapons from the Pegasus Soviet Naval Infantry set and used the Russian rifles and sub-machine guns rather than the German ones. Often the Volksstrum used foreign weapons and this makes a quick and easy conversion from German weapons to Soviet ones.

These solders arms fit very well on both sets. My intention is to give my Soviet Naval Infantry some German weapons. It was not unusual for soldiers to pick up and use enemy weapons in WWII. The German Panzerfaust was a very popular weapon with Russian soldiers, and the Soviet Naval Infantry set lacks anti-tank weapons so this will be a very useful addition. This is an elegant solution because it allows more diversity for both sets and give greater firepower to the Soviets at the same time. Go go out and get some Germans in Berlin and Soviet Naval Infantry from Pegasus and swap weapons for two interesting conversions.

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