Monday, July 14, 2008

15mm Buildings, 1/72nd Scale Army Men

This is a 15mm scale wargame building by JR Miniatures. You can find them at They make a number of different types of buildings for many different eras and in several scales. These soldiers are Casesar Miniatures 1/72nd scale soft plastic SAS set. As you can see these large figures work quite well with the smaller size buildings. Old European buildings are often have rather small doorways. So these figures don't look that out of place. 15mm buildings have many advantages over 20mm, 25mm, 28mm and 1/72nd scale buildings when used with 1/72nd scale soldiers. Their footprint on the ground is smaller than the other scales. They look okay with the 1/72nd scale figures, despite their large size. 15mm buildings are often less expensive than larger sizes. Often buildings are just used for background or as obstacles so the precise size is not really important. Sometimes rulesets treat single buildings as small groups of buildings so they need not represent actual buildings anyway.

This particular building is item 1593 Stalingrad Ruins. It is made of a nice soft resin with excellent detail. I use HO 1/87 scale model railroad buildings for most of my structures and this fits right in. I paid $12 for the building. It is fully assembled right out of the bag, so no work. Model comes in a gray color so you don't need to paint them but painting would be nice.


Snickering Corpses said...

I've got 3 JR Miniatures buildings myself, for use with my SYW figures. A church and a pair of servant quarters so far. Once I can afford to (isn't that always the saga?), I want to add some more to the collection.

While they look a bit small next to 28mm figures when isolated, a small village of them will look decent enough I think because it becomes a group of men moving through a group of buildings rather than "oh that soldier's too tall next to that building".

Bunkermeister said...

Buildings used to have smaller doorways because people used to be smaller, so old European buildings in WWI or WWII with larger people is ont so out of character anyway. I also use HO scale model RR buildings so the 15mm does not look too different in comparison.