Thursday, June 13, 2024

Lee Tank Information

Late production Lee with cast hull, long barrel 75mm cannon, and heavy suspension, with Canal Defense Light turret.  You can see in the background there are spare gun turrets and more CDLs.
I put a bit of wooden dowel on the bottom of the CDL turret to make it fit better on the Lee.
The workspace as the Lees get built.
M3A5 Lee tanks for Makin Island.
M3 Lee for the US Army in North Africa, Germany, and eventually the USSR.
A few mis-cast parts that were replaced by Reviresco, without charge.  Great customer service.
The typical Lee M3 tank used by the US Army from the Reviresco package.

So my total Lee / Grant plan is:

3 Grant tanks for US Army with the British Army in North Africa.

17 Lee M3A5 diesel engine tanks for Makin Island battle.

2 Lee M3 Lee tanks for WWII German.

54 M3 Lee tanks for US Army North Africa.

36 Lee tanks of various makes for use in CONUS along with the 17 Makin Island tanks, to include two M3A3 diesel engined welded hull tanks that can be swapped out for two of the Makin Island tanks.

10 Lee M3 Lee tanks for the USSR Lend Lease.

122 total Lee / Grant tanks.  Nearly all are Reviresco, but a few are Heiser Models.


jeigheff said...

Very impressive. Do you intend to game some specific battles and/or campaigns?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I build my forces typically as generic units for a time period so I can do anything for that era, say US Army in North Africa. Other times I am very specific, such as The Alamo, and Texas War of Independence. And there are certain battles in WWII such as the Philippines early war, Makin Island, D-Day, North Africa, Remagan Bridge, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Berlin that are especially interesting to me.