Saturday, June 15, 2024

What's Wrong With the Roco Sherman Tank?

This is the rear hull of the Roco Sherman tank.  The rectangle on the top is a feature of the gasoline Continental R975 radial engine found on a welded hull M4 tank, like the Roco Sherman?
The rear of the Roco Sherman tank also has this massive pair of grilles which is a feature of the gasoline Ford GAA V8 found on the welded hull M4A3 tank, like the Roco Sherman?
So the Roco has features found on two different types of Sherman Tank engine, you can't have both of those features because Sherman tanks don't have two different engines in them.  The tank on the far left tank is a Heiser Models M4A3 tank, the middle tank is a Heiser Models M4 tank, and the one of the right side is the Roco with features of both of them.
You can see here the rectangular part under the turret bustle, and the grill on the Roco.
Here a close up comparison of the M4A3 tank engines.

 The rear ends are also different between the M4A3 on the left and M4 tank rear end on the center and right side tanks.  The Roco is on the right side.  So what is the solution to this problem?

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