Monday, June 17, 2024

Roco Heiser Sherman Tanks

Here is yesterdays Sherman tank.
I think it turned out well, and I have a second technique on how to fix the Roco Sherman rear hull problem.
This is one way...
This is the other way.
When Paul Heiser first had his plastic Sherman tanks produced there were several of them cast in gray plastic as test models to insure the mold worked fine.  He cut some of the upper hulls in half to build other versions of the Sherman and he gave me the back parts that he was not going to use.
This gray part had been chopped in half about 30 years ago and has been sitting in my spares box since then.  I trimmed it up and glued it onto the front end of a Roco Sherman hull.

 This gives me a hybrid Roco / Heiser Sherman tank hull.  The Heiser tank is a tiny bit wider and I sanded it sown.  There are also some minor differences in the upper hull that required a bit of sanding and cutting so the turret would turn.  What this does is give me an M4A3 Sherman rather than just hiding the rear hull grills and have an M4 Sherman.  The US produced over 6,700 M4 and over 1,600 M4A3 tanks.

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