Saturday, December 23, 2023

Tiki Transport

This is the Matchbox Chow Hound in an Hawaiian theme design.
With this purchase I now have three of these vehicles in this color scheme.
My plan is to use this truck with a Batman 66 villain that I have developed called The Tiki.
He uses Polynesian theme elements in his wardrobe, vehicles, and lair.
Volcanoes, lava, wind and waves might be a part of his arsenal of weapons to use against the caped crusader.
Naturally with all the museums and art galleries in Gotham City at least one of them must be having a Pacific Ocean or Pacific Island related bit of art, jewelry, or other item of interest to a criminal master mind.
And what better way for him and his gang of Tongonese Thugs to get around than a catering truck with a Pacific Island motif?
These are large trucks and with an impressive menu of options.
Perhaps there is a luau at Stately Wayne Manor?
Maybe Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara Gordon is cutting the ribbon at the unveiling of an ancient and jewel and pearl encrusted tiki statue?  Tune in next time for the big reveal!


banzai55 said...

How about King Kameha Mayhem??

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

I like that too! I am sure I will use it in some way!

Thanks for reading.