Thursday, December 14, 2023

Vietnam Troops

These figures are well done and flash free.
I think the choice of the flame thrower is a bit much for what is essentially two squads.
But it could be used by any of the four American or South Vietnamese sets.
I like these figures.
Shown here with a Tim Mee figure.
With a 60mm ring hand figure.  These figures fit okay with the larger figures.


Wayne W said...

I appreciate the comparison shots; always valuable IMO. Compatibility is one of my major criteria before I buy a new set.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you. Since I have an old collection of plastic figures I like my new guys to be a reasonable fit with them. These guys seem a bit smaller but within my margin of error.

Since I got one of each of the figure sets and with 15 figures each that gives me 60 figures. That's enough to mix and match up a very good platoon and leave off or add from each set to provide the mix to troops that seems right for me. In fact, you could deploy all of them in two platoons of 30 and that would be reasonable I think.

Thanks for commenting WW.