Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wagons and Cavalry

This is the HaT British Colonial Wagon from the 1800s.
In this size it is essentially identical to the US Army wagons in use from 1850 to about 1945.  I just got a bunch of them for my WOTW project.  They came without boxes to reduce weight in shipping.  None are put together yet so you will have to wait a bit.
These are Revell British Hussars.  Also without a box.  It's a nice set with 16 guys on horseback, which is a lot.  These are a very nice set of figures, clean, well molded, all I expect from Revell.
The plan is to make a couple units of Hussars form my American Militia / National Guard troops for 1898, 1918 and 1938.
They will be mostly the HQ and maybe one platoon of some of the horse cavalry, so maybe some head swaps to give them some dismounted poses.


Legion4 said...

They are pretty good looking models.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Yes, I am hoping to get more of both in the first part of next year.

Thanks for commenting Legion4.