Friday, December 22, 2023

Colonial Ox Wagon

I got two of these Colonial Ox Wagons from HaT.
1/72nd scale flash free model that fits together pretty well.
I ordered the British Colonial Wagon but I got these two instead because the mail order company made a mistake.  I paid for them and it was more trouble than it was worth to exchange them.  This specific wagon is unique to South Africa and not used anywhere else as far as I know.  I don't do the Zulu wars so the need for this specific wagon is low.
The oxen have one separate horn that I glues on with super glue.  The hold is so-so.
You get two oxen drivers.  I got six of these, two sets of three wagons each, and my plan is to keep two of them as the original wagons with oxen towing animals.
You only get two oxen per wagon, which should be about 6 or 8 per wagon.


Wayne W said...

We tried to convince him to at the very least come out with sets of extra oxen and draft horses to supplement what came in the set and he took it seriously. But I believe other folks had the final say in the matter and the company all but folded so it never came to fruition.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Yes, for decades I, and many others have asked for mules, oxen, horses, and wagon wheels as separate sets and almost every active company seems to seriously consider it but no one actually does it. So frustrating, especially since the US Army really liked and used mules a lot.

Thanks for commenting WW.