Saturday, December 2, 2023

British WWI Tropical by HaT Industry

With only eight poses this set might seem like it is lacking a lot of poses.
But in WWI the short pants were not always worn.
So in tropical combat these guys could have a few head swaps with the Hat Set 8177 WWI British Heavy Weapons, although the gas mask should also be trimmed away.

Or use some of the Airfix WWII 8th Army figures in shorts with head swaps, they are not that much different.
These are all good action poses with no wasted troops in the group.
I only got a few boxes and I figure for the small skirmishes fought in Africa that's enough.


Simon said...

The Airfix
8th Army figures are in 1938 webbing equipment?

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Hi Simon, I have no idea about the webbing and in this small of a scale I am not that much of a purist. I look on the little troops like Hollywood does, as long as they look close, that's good enough. I try and get what I can that is exact, but since they don't make everything I make do instead.

Thanks for reading.


Ian. said...

I have this set. Good figures that paint up well. They can be used for WW1 Middle East, East Africa and between the wars Afghanistan Northwest frontier.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thanks for reading Ian. I think they will work for Tarzan movie type British just fine for a long period of time.