Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Second Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry

HaT Industrie French  Napoleonic Voltigeures in 1/72nd scale soft plastic.
An interesting purchase since I don't do either Napoleonics nor French.

So why did I get these?
Because even in military uniforms and equipment there is fashion.
And busby hat and Napoleonic look was popular with the US Army all during the 1800's and even to today.  So these will become American troops.  This link shows how these American troops dressed as a cavalry unit.  They were in existence until about 1940 as far as I can tell.  My plan is to create a small force and use them for my War of the World games for 1898, 1918 and 1938.  There may be some additional conversion work and painting done as well, but the headgear was essential for the look.


Quantrilltoy said...

that is a great idea.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Thank you Q. I have been pondering this project for about 30 years or so since I first saw those drawings of this unit. Now a couple companies make troops with the Busby and I figured, why not?

Thanks for reading.