Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sailing Ships

Here are the larger figures in a small diorama.  The grenadier throws a grenade as the enemy closes in.  The signals men call for more support as the mortar team tries to fire off a last few rounds.

Nice little Bf-109.  Missing one propeller.

It has markings engraved on the bottom and even the landing gear.  More, it has the little supports for the tail.

 It's a very nice sailing ship model, one piece.

The Germans made several of these ships, nearly 300 feet long.

This is another WHW token.

Many navies use sailing ships so that new junior officers can train and learn the winds, and the currents.  Nothing is better for that than a sailing ship.

The Germans built several of them and they survived World War Two.  The USA got the Horst Wessel as reparations and the US Coast Guard still uses the ship to train mid-shipmen.

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