Monday, September 30, 2019

Horse Soldiers

The US Army officially used horse mounted cavalry until about 1944.

They did not ship any overseas during WWII.

They did form ad hoc units during the war, in both the Pacific, and European theaters of war.

In the 1930's the US Army troops often wore a flat hat, like an officers dress hat, or bus driver hat.

Nobody makes those cavalry figures in 1/72nd scale, so I decided to make my own.

These troops are mostly Airfix American Civil War horse cavalry.

With the heads from the Airfix World War One British Infantry.

Horses are from Eagle Games.  They sell boxes of just horses, and they are all the same pose, but have a sturdy one piece horse and base that makes them great for wargaming.

Troops here face a common problem in the American Southwest in the 1930's.

Giant horned toads were a real problem.

The only solution to the problem is the mounted charge!

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